Music For The Soul

Down to the River was formed out of the love for the live band experience. Based in the hills of Kentucky we take blues, country, instrumental jam rock and mold it in to what we like to call Appalachian Rock and Roll.

Hometown: Pikeville KY

Genre: Blue Rock / Jam Rock

Booking Contact: info@btmediagroup.com / 6068995707

Availability: 2021 Summer/Fall


Down to the River roots is full of  Blue, Soul & Gospel with a wild side of good old Rock and Roll.  No setlist is ever the same and no song confines dttr to play it the same each night.  Improvisation and  exploring almost any musical landscape make Down to the River a live band to remember.   Fans of Gov’t Mule/Allman Brothers/Tedeschi Truck/Marcus King Band will love dttr.  With sets covering instrumentals, originals & a few surprise covers dttr’s live show is ever changing.


Seth Ferguson: Gearheart Radio ”Watching ‘Down to the River’ Live is like experiencing all of your favorite guitar tones being hurled at your face in the most pleasant/memorable way for a solid hour!! Can’t get enough of these incredible players!”

Joe Campbell: The Mountain Arts Center “Down To The River is part of a rock and roll revolution. It’s what you get if Tedeschi Trucks Band, The Faces, and The Black Crowes got in a room and mingled. We were super pumped when they chose to record their debut album in front of a live audience at the MAC!”

Audio Links:

Searchin For A Song

Absalom’s Last Ride

Same Ole Blues Again


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