Absalom’s Last Ride

Tony here… Had a message from someone on Instagram this morning asking me about the meaning of “Absalom’s Last Ride” a tune I wrote year ago and then released it on DTTR’s One Night at the MAC album. … So here it is.. I read a story about a man named Absalom. He was the son of David from the bible and in typical bible story fashion he overthrew David then David and his army came back to get there place back. In the process of all this Absalom was on the run and while he was trying to escape he rode through some tree and got his hair caught . His horse left him and he ended up getting killed. Wild story huh?

While I was reading this story I could just hear a riff in my head. The riff was like a soundtrack for Absalom while he was on the run trying to escape. For the first time in probably forever I picked my guitar up to actually learn the riff I had already hear in my head. Within an hour I had three sections sketched out and it turned in to “Absalom’s Last Ride” I first recorded it in 2002 then I was lucky enough to track it again with DTTR. Still one of our favorites and more than not it’s our opener. So now all you need to do it go listen to it. Hopefully you’ll hear what I heard all those years ago. Peace!