Live Recording coming this winter.  11 songs performed 10.10.18 live at the Mountain Arts Center.  

Tony Mullins – Vocals / Guitar

Renny Hall – Drums / Vocals

Timmy Tackett – Bass

Charlie Cable – Guitar

Kevin Harmon – Keys

Jason Justice – Percussion

Matt Moon – Trombone

Will Phillips – Trumpet

David Maynard – Saxaphone

Bek Smallwood – BG Vocals

Andrea Collins – BG Vocals

Shelly Young – BG Vocals

David Johnson – Bass (Breathe & All Along The Watchtower)

Brennen Meek – Recording Engineer

Michael Duty – Lighting Director

Robert Daniels – Front Of House Engineer


Wayne Fugate

Eli Griffith

Ronnie Hylton

Adam Gearheart